© Nick Farhi, Untitled, 2017

© Nick Farhi, Untitled, 2017

Private Collectors


Whether they are new to collecting or have been collecting for generations, Tracy’s private clients benefit from her expertise, guidance and network of artists, galleries and private sellers. Tracy assists the sensibly luxurious and culturally conscious individual in making the best choice for one's collecting practice, in collecting both emerging as well as established artists. She also offers the full stack of services from contract negotiation to title transfers to delivery and insurance to ease the tedium of collecting while ensuring collectors make informed choices. Working with an art advisor removes the opacity surrounding art acquisitions while illuminating areas of the market which are not necessarily obvious or available to the public.

Services for Private Collectors:

  • Evaluation of client tastes and needs

  • Acquisitions on the secondary market

  • Commissioning artwork

  • Contract and delivery negotiations

  • USPAP Compliant Fine Art Evaluations

  • Assistance in selling art via auctions, galleries or directly to private collectors

  • Considerations in acquiring art as part of a larger wealth or estate planning portfolio